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things people

Schrecken Schrecken Profile

4/10/00 at
11:41:14 PM

Lately I have thought about some of the most memorable times that I visited parks and rode coasters, and the one thing those memories have in common is some of the things that people (those that I went with and other park patrons) have said and done. Some of them really crack me up. What are some of the funniest, strangest, or most unusual comments or actions that you have witnessed in such situations? (riding or preparing to ride a coaster) Here are a few of mine: Ascending Goliath's lift hill with Doug, my co-worker when we were allowed to ride on one of the days we were doing contract work at SFMM: Doug: (as he looked down over the side of the track on the way up) "Oh (expletive)! Oh (expletive)! This is way too high! (shame we can't get sent out to work on MF) I think I've made a mistake - I wanna get off!" However, once he reached the end of the ride he admitted that he liked it - and wanted to ride again. Then, on the same coaster, on a day that I was there when the park was open to the public, this I heard loudly from the front of the train (I was in the middle) as we crested the top of the hill: "Oh God! Oh God!" I really can't say what that person thought of her post-ride experience.:-) Ascending RY's lift hill at PKD in the early 1980's with my cousin. This is how he expressed his feelings about how my Mother sneaked out of the cue and left us to face this "terrible thing" alone (we were kids then). He said: "I'm gonna puke on you!" Thankfully he never made good on his threat (Guess I won't take him on SOB!). One time I showed a friend a photo of Magnum, not long after she had wheedled me into getting on Mind Eraser at SFA(when I was a coasterphobic). Having viewed the picture (neither of us has ridden it) she exclaimed: Oh my! I'd have to have a whole handful of Valium to be able to ride that! (I'll have to show her a pic of MF - see what she says!) Then, there's my first coaster ride on Space Mountain at WDW (I was 5), and all I can see (when I had my eyes open) and hear is my Mother desperately clutching the top of her head to try to keep her wig from flying off and her other hand gripping the lap bar as she screamed her lungs out! Has anyone else here experienced such incidents, and regard them with such joy?

Re: things people "Ive said my shar by Mike at 4/11/00 8:22:06 AM

What are
> some of the funniest, strangest, or most
> unusual comments or actions that you have
> witnessed in such situations? (riding or
> preparing to ride a coaster) I remember Drop Zone, Three of us guys went on us a one girl would not, although we tried to coak her on it. Wierd she road all the roller coasters. As she wached it over and over again, She heard some tad screams she said. As we went up I was like wooo!! This is higher than I thought. We all were sorta like that. I made a joke scream of Beavis "on the movie Beavis and Butthead" when Beavis screams were GONA DIE" when hes on the air plane. Dont know if you saaw the movie. But as it droped there were no mocks. I was tooken by surprise, and The F word just sorta came out, vary loud, I MEAN LOUD. And the other 3 screamed loud too. She laffed after the ride saying we were the loudest of all the kids and people she saw ride on the ride, and we were adults. I laffed at the bottom, but in a way of "that one got me". I remember I think it was the Georiga cylclone, someone loosing there hat. We tried to grab it as it came back. But I remember hearing, a G.D. I lost My hat. whover it was was seriusly mad at that. I ussualy keep my hat, "If I have one" But I hold it in my hand". Ive heard alot more stuff to. Mostly bad words. Ive heard people screaming so bad sometimes in fear, it almost wasn't funny. But it is wierd to hear peoples reactions.

Re: things people by swOHman at 4/11/00 11:24:41 PM

My best friend O-High-O on this board (forgive me for revieling this Chris) tends to scream explictives on the top of lift hills. When I was still somewhat of a coasterphobic I took my first ride on the Beast with him. He was supposed to be the pro coaster rider, but all he could say at the top of the hill was the "s" word over and over again. BTW that ride on the Beast completely broke my coasterphobia. Thanks Chris.

swOHman a.k.a. Brian (PKI in 3 days!!!!!)

Re: things people "Ive said my shar by Bullrider at 4/12/00 10:15:32 AM

I would have to say that the funniest person I have ever witnessed on a ride was the girl from the show that Discovery did, Extreme Rides. She was a worker at BGW and her friends talked her into riding Alpengeist as a psychological experiment to show that thrill rides aren't for everyone. I have never laughed so much in my life. If you haven't seen it, try to catch it when they show it this season.