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pki's website


4/10/00 at
9:08:03 PM

first of all let me say this... Whats is wrong with them? For as well as they handle the ACE members, and everything, why the hell don't they hype up their new ride. Seriousley, look at what a terrific job CP has done with MF. They have tons of construction pics, info for the ride, while still has new for '99 information. I know the sonny itself will draw the masses, but i just don't know why they won't hype i some more. Please tell me why, bc i have no clue

Re: pki's website by SOBecki at 4/11/00 8:37:03 AM

I have been trying to figure this out for the past few months. Each day I get on hoping they have updated something. I thought I heard from someone (can't remember who) to look for changes in the website really soon, but I haven 't seen anything yet. But, I'll be able to forgive them when SOB opens I'm sure.


Re: pki's website by Rob Lec at 4/11/00 8:45:16 AM

> thought I heard from someone (can't remember
> who) to look for changes in the website really soon...

I think that was Shaggy. I too have been watching, hoping for an update. As I recall, it was like this last year too.

Longshot by Jack at 4/11/00 9:41:14 AM

This may be a longshot, but I have been unable to access their site all morning. I am aware that they may just be down, but I am hoping that the reason they are down is that they are getting ready to unleash the new site.

We can only hope.


Re: pki's website by SOBecki at 4/11/00 10:49:01 AM

Maybe it was Shaggy (I honestly can't remember). Hopefully, they'll get working on it very, very soon.

Re: pki's website by Shaggy Shaggy Profile at 4/11/00 11:53:35 AM

As others have posted, I stated earlier to anticipate changes to their site soon. Actually I would anticipate changes to all Paramount Parks websites.

PKI utilized URC to post their construction pics. All the pics of SOB on the URC preview page are official park photos.

PKI, to my knowledge, does not handle their own personal site. I believe, and may be corrected, that all Paramount sites are handled by a single corporate office.


Re: pki's website(thanks shaggy) by SOBecki at 4/11/00 2:51:31 PM

> Thanks Shaggy, you're info was very helpful.