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On behalf on Sott Cosman...........


4/10/00 at
3:41:19 PM

Paramount Canada's Wonderland fired me 9 days before Christmas, 1998, without notice, severance or cause.

I sued Paramount Canada's Wonderland for wrongful dismissal and on November 24, 1999 after a 3 day trial I was successful. The Judge ordered Canada's Wonderland to pay me $25,000.00 and all of my legal expenses amounting to a further $35,000.00. That's $60,000.00 plus $4,000.000 interest.

In his Reasons for Judgement, His Honor Justice Jenkins of the Ontario Superior Court in Newmarket said:

"The evidence that I have heard reaches the inescapable conclusion that the plaintiff was wrongfully dismissed by the defendant. Not only that, in my view, the plaintiff was treated in a high handed and cavalier fashion which would ordinarily have triggered punitive damages."

"It is now argued by defense counsel that even if the plaintiff is wrongfully dismissed on December 16th, some two weeks before the end of the year, and after the plaintiff had earned the bonus, the defendant is relying on the wording of the bonus letter dated April 2nd, 1998, that the plaintiff must be employed at the time that the bonus is payable failing which the plaintiff would not receive his bonus."

"So, in other words, two weeks before the plaintiff would be eligible for the bonus, the defendant wrongfully dismisses the plaintiff and says "Now you're not entitled to the bonus."

"It flies in the face of common sense in my view."

Hey there all.

I don't know who this guy is... but I feel for him. He emailed me this note about how Paramount gave him the shaft and he took them to court. I believe that Paramount should abide by the court ruling.

Wonderland Loses Lawsuit - Please circulate!

"Ms. Josie Berto, the Vice President of Human Resources for the defendant, was in that position only two or three weeks. It was her task to terminate him and I have to draw the inference that no one ever explained to her how that should be done and on what basis. Books are being written these days on how employers should deal with employees they have to let go."

"Judgement for the plaintiff in the sum of $25,000.00, plus costs on a solicitor and client basis throughout."

To date I have received none of the $60,000.00.

Dated : April 8, 2000

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