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what happens when a coaster "saddles"


4/10/00 at
3:11:44 PM

In a message earlier someone said that the chiller(as I believe so) saddled. Well I was just wondering if anyone knew how do they get any coaster back to the station when it is stuck. Do they have to remove the entire coaster of the track? If anyone knows this queastion can they please respond to this unimportant queastion? Thanks

Re: what happens when a coaster "saddles" by rocketmover at 4/10/00 3:39:20 PM

I don't know about loopers, but when a woodie valleys out, you unhitch the cars and winch them one at a time up over the next hill, then the next, and the next, etc. until you get back to the station. Believe me, its not fun at all.

Re: what happens when a coaster "saddles" by chillforce chillforce Profile at 4/10/00 3:39:56 PM

the Chiller is taken off the track by crane. This is done car by car and it took about 2 1/2 hours. It is then taken back to the storage shed, which is outdoors and not a shed in this case LOL.


Re: what happens when a coaster "saddles" by Unknown at 4/10/00 8:20:23 PM

in my exp. they usally just get out the crane and start pulling......At least thats the case with PKI's Top Gun