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Park with most coaster inversions???


4/10/00 at
3:09:51 PM

Which amusement park has the most rollercoaster inversions? My best guess would be SFGAdv which has 31 I believe. (Medusa-7, GASM-7, Viper-2, The Chiller-10 (Batman side-4, Robin Side-6), Batman the ride-5). Does anybody know which park it is?


SFGAm has 18 by Jeff C. at 4/10/00 3:35:09 PM

My homepark, Six Flags Great America has: Shockwave: 7 Batman: 5 Demon: 4 Iron Wolf: 2 Total Number of Inversions: 18

*SFGAm NEEDS a launched looper, B+M could ya help us out here?!!? Hulk clone would be GREAT! -Jeff C.-