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Stricker's Grove Question?


4/10/00 at
2:39:25 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew what the Stricker's Grove park in Cincinnati was like. I see that they have two wooden coasters listed; Tornado and Teddy Bear. Are they small coasters? Any info would be appreciated.

Re: Stricker's Grove Question? by Shaggy Shaggy Profile at 4/10/00 2:59:20 PM

Stricker's Grove is a really fun park. It does have two coasters. The Tornado is the bigger of the two and Teddy Bear is the junior.

Tornado is quite fun with a great double down. The first time I rode I was completely suprised, and quite worried I would come out of the seat. I really like the ride. I was told by Rocket Roger this weekend at PKI that the Tornado has been painted white. It had a natural stain in seasons prior.

Teddy Bear is comparable to Beastie at PKI (or Scooby Doo at PKD) and is a good junior, although not that thrilling to seasoned coaster riders. Good for coaster count. Little ones love it.

Strickers Grove also has Flying Skooters, a Carousel, Tilt-O-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, Cuddle-up, and several kiddie rides. It is by no means a big park, but it is fun for an afternoon. Unfortunately Strickers grove is a picnic park and only open to the general public for two or three days each season.