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PKI 6-3-00

GR8 Ump

4/10/00 at
9:15:13 AM

Hey guys...

I am looking for any information on local hotels near PKI...any information will be greatly appreciated


GR8 Ump

Re: PKI 6-3-00 by PKI Buckeye at 4/10/00 12:23:19 PM

On the Ultimate Rollercoaster Homepage, click on the PKI Logo next the URC Event. There, scroll all the way down the page and click on lodging info. I recently asked for that info also, and was lead to that part of the site and its very thorough. Enjoy your trip

PKI Buckeye

PKI Hotel Info & Links by Kevin Reid at 4/10/00 12:33:24 PM

The Hotels that are close to park, only few minutes away, run about $79 to $130 US $'s per night. If you opt to stay a little further away like Monroe, off I-75, about 15-20 from PKI you save a bit of money. We like to stay close to the park and have stayed at the Hampton Inn Kings Island in the past. This time we are going to try Comfort Suites Kings Island which is just across from the Hampton Inn. I actually have the Hampton Inn and Comfort Inn both booked. We are staying four night and it is about $100 cheaper at Comfort. Here are the links to Hampton Inns and Choice Hotels. Use Mason,Oh to narrow down your search.

Here is one for Days Inn:


Kevin Reid

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hampton is good by rufus at 4/10/00 7:32:44 PM

The Hampton Inn is very close, and fairly nice. It is pretty cheap too. You can walk to the park from there. Thats good isnt it??