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PKD had weather problems too on 4/8/00


4/9/00 at
6:56:58 PM

Acemember I read your post about the snow at SFGAdv. I must agree that the weather is pretty strange on the East Coast.

I went to PKD on Saturday for the BET College Day. Everything was fine that day.... the temperature was about 75 degrees, all the rides were running fine. Volcano only broke down once that day!!!Isn't it great!! The lines were long as hell though...

Anyway, around 4PM the clouds start rolling in.... then around 4:45 the winds starts blowing and it starts getting VERY COLD (from 75 to liek 55) and then while I'm going up the lift hill of the Grizzly it starts POURING DOWN RAINING!!! This is the first time I've ever ridden a coaster in the rain and I don't liek it!! Those raindrops were about to put my eyes out!!

And here it is on Sunday... 50 degrees when last week was in the 70's and 80s.. WHAT'S GOING ON??

Oh yeah... and Sam (A. Marks) how is S:ROS coming along? I'm from DC but I'm not up there because I'm away NC for college. I can't wait to ride that thing!! I saw it when I went home for spring break but I think they only had the lift hill up.


Re: PKD had weather problems too on 4/8/00 by Alpengeist Alpengeist Profile at 4/10/00 12:15:15 AM

Yeah, I was outside for the University of Richmond Pig Roast. It was great until around 4, and then like you said, all heck broke loose. It started to pour like mad and we all got soaked, which made the Pi Kappa Alpha mud pit more interseting. I'm glad I decided to stay away from PKD Saturday.