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An Employee's POV.....PKI 4/8/00


4/9/00 at
10:45:48 AM

Well, what can I say?...COLD! The weather was against us in every way, shape, and form. We had a little bit of everything; sleet, snow, and rain. That is by far the coldest I have ever been at KI.On with the good stuff..... My home "ride" is Drop Zone/ Congo Falls. DZ was not operating all day and Congo Falls was. From what I saw, CF was the only ride operating in the Action Zone. With most of the rides being down in the AZ and construction on SOB, the park just decided to rope off the AZ...IMHO, smart move by KI. Other than the break I got to go ride rides(more on that later), all my crew did was cycle the boats until closing. Which, by the way, was very fun. My crew is great!! As most of you know by now, all but two coasters were down all day due to the terrible weather. Ahhhhh, the decisions we must make in life.....Beast or Outer Limits??....Off to the Beast! I walked right into the station and waited about 5 trains. Hopped in the seat and saw that there was another single waiting.."Come on in," I said...He sat down, they checked the restraints and off we were on the Beast! The Beast was the exactly that, the Beast!..It hauled major butt and I even caught myself floating out of my seat on the first and second drops. As for the helix, it was GREAT! Gosh, it felt great to be roaring through that helix once again. I also saw many of my friends. Sean Flaharty,John Clinefeathers, Todd Bills, Dave Althoff, and Scott Short just to name a few. I ran into Scott and Carol under the Eiffel Tower and told them that the Beast had opened up and I saw them make a 90 degree turn towards the Beast. BTW, how was your ride Scott and Carol?? Well, I hope to be able to meet many of you at KI on the third of June. I hope that everyone enjoyed their day at wonderful Paramounts Kings Island! I know I sure did and always will rain or shine! :0)

acer's Beast ride! by acer at 4/9/00 2:10:22 PM

It was AWESOME! I rode in my favorite seat (front seat/right side of the back car). I caught some good airtime going down the first drop and then again on the second. It was cold, but I think that only makes it seem as if you are going faster than you are. It was at least 30 min. before I could feel my fingers and I was wearing gloves. We wanted to ride again, but the weather was not cooperating and the Beast had to shut down. Thanks Jill, for opening my favorite coaster!

My ride on Outer Limits was also a good one, PKI really worked it over this winter and it showed.

The Sonny construction tour was a bit muddy, thankfully I remembered to bring along boots, so mr acer and I could gawk at the progress that had been made since we last visited PKI, instead of worrying about where we were stepping. Sonny is 93% done and dispite the nasty weather crews were working hard.

I caught a slight glimpse of one red car sitting on the track, just short of the station. Our fantastic tour guide, Jeff Siebert,really didn't want us to get a good look at the car. Mainly because, it had no decals on it.

After close inspection of Sonny, I am ready to ride. The structure looks beautiful and very safe. I have never seen so much wood used on one coaster.The view of Sonny from the Eiffel Tower is breath taking, I can't wait to do a helicopter tour.

I hoping for good weather, so the great crew that is working on Sonny can get it done in April. Thanks again to David, Jeff, Angie, Taryn, Jill and all the employees of PKI for making the best of a crummy day.