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Who turned off the sun?


4/9/00 at
9:06:09 AM

Well...It's Snowing in the BIG ROTTEN looks like no Cyclone rides today...DRAT!!!

At least yesterday was i had a chance to capture the finishing pics for my Boulder Dash preview site... It will be up tonite and i will post it's link.

As for the progress, tracking is complete and they've begun placing the top steel; they're also doing alot of clean up, and the station is progressing nicely. All in all, I'm now REAL REAL excited about this ride; as you'll see, there is something *special* about this one... of course i think ANY coaster with this many hills, laterals and *unparallel* terrain is likely to turn many a heads. Oh...and did i mention an unprecedented maintain in speed through the course... They're predicting, coming out of the turnaround, a speed of 48 M.P.H...WICKED, once you see the bunnies it'll charge through to get home... I'll have a TON of pix...

One last thing...All I was thinking yesterday was that if Evil Kneviel was still riding, he'd be jumping Lake Compounce using Hill 7 as a launch pad...or ramp...hmmmm :-)

If the link works you'll dig what i'm saying!

Cheers, Dave

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