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SFA report

Ride Ridder

4/8/00 at
9:20:46 PM

I had my first official day of work today at Six Flags America. Today was open only to Fannie May employees and their family as Fannie May rented out the park. I got pretty good business runing the basketball stand in Southwest. The coasters that were operating were Two Face: The Flip Side, Wild one, Roar, and the Jokers Jinx. The Mind Eraser was closed and I don't know why. 2F:TFS was closed half the day and was having periodical breack downs as I could hear it because I was at the game stand closest to 2face. Wild One was operating 2 trains, but Roar was only operating the blue/green or what ever coler that isn't the black train. Jokers Jinx didn't open until 12 noon. The octapus ride was not operating. But one of the new/old rides this year is the Alpine Bobs in Gotham City. This is the ride with the hanging cars. The ride looked like it was moved from somewhere else because I could see the old oil stains on the arms of the ride. The ride was also sitting on cinder blocks not touching the ground. Another ride to report which I can't properly describe is some circular ride where riders are seated two across on the outside. The ride seemed to have had over the shoulder restraints. This ride was sitting on the blue road leading to S:RoS. Speaking of S:RoS, work is now being done on the station, and the crane that a week ago that was next to the lift hill, is now between the second and third hills. I have seen several large stones in the back storage area that have the letters for S:RoS. Also, in the posted park maps, there seems to be a pond on one of the helixes. In addition, the six flags that fly in the front entrance are now: 2 50 star US flags, 1 1976 bicentennial flag, 1 thirteen stripe flag with a Union Jack in the corner, 1 thirteen star Betsy Ross flag, and 1 thirteen striped flag with several stars in the blue field the come together in the configuration of a bigger star. And by the way, the park was free from trash all day.

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