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SFDL Confirmed 2001 plans!


4/8/00 at
2:46:33 PM

WEll these aren't major plans but when I spke with a manager at SFDL on April 7 he said the park will definently get a coaster next year but he has no clue what it will be and where it will be. When I asked him about the clearing of the land behind the Batman: Thrill Spectacular he said that land is also part of 2001 plans but he wouldn't say what. He did say that down where S:RoS they will be adding 4 new flat rides for the 2001 season. He knows that at least one of them will be manufactured by Huss. He didn't say if they'd be Superman themed because that section of the park is pretty much a Superan section.

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Just because The manager said that doesnt mean... by Alan Jacyszyn at 4/9/00 11:49:35 AM

That its true. Last year, I talked to the General Manager abotu 2000, and he said a lot of stuff, especially hinting towards a Jokers Jinx. THis was true, but they ended up changing plans, I guess.

Just because someone told you, even if it IS the general Manager or whoever, doesnt mean you should beleive them or that they are always right.

I am not saying this wont be true, butj ust letting you know that, and why in the world would they get rid of the log flume!? (on website)

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