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Gravity Group's Engineered Precut Track

Posted: 7/21/23 at 7:44:29 AM
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Megafobia, the 1996 CCI woodie, has just had a 40% retrack by Gravity Group. At least some of it (perhaps all) uses the new Engineered Precut Track, which apparently is up to 30x stronger than normal track.

Apart from Megafobia, this precut track has also been used on Kings Island's Racer, in 2021. Does anyone know any other rides it's definitely been used on? Does Tonnerre 2 Zeus use the precut track?

Megafobia itself has received rave reviews since the retrack. Will this become the best way to maintain classic woodies, and does it mean we could have giant wooden coasters again like Mean Streak and Texas Giant?

Engineered Precut Track