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Bernard Denicola - AKA PATripman/Ripples

Posted: 7/4/23 at 6:34:25 AM
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I am not sure how many of the posters from 15-20 years ago are still here on the URC message boards, but I have some sad news that my wife discovered yesterday morning. Bernard Denicola, who used the screen name PATripman or Ripples here passed away at age 59 in January 2021. Bernard and I were close friends and I hadn't heard from him since around Fall of 2020, so I was wondering and worrying about it. Bernard was born in McKeesport, PA and he loved rollercoasters and amusement park - especially Kennywood and Knoebels. We had great times at the parks together, even marathoning on the Blue Streak at the now defunct Conneaut Lake. The URC Gathering at Knoebels in 1999 was incredible and the park gave us ERT on Phoenix and it was FLYING that night. They also gave us a tour of The Twister which was nearly completed. Here is Bernard's obit:

May he RIP in peace and ride on forever!

Jersey Joe

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Re: Bernard Denicola - AKA Ripples by comet3506 at 7/5/23 10:47:27 PM
Meeting everyone at the 99’ URC gathering was an awesome experience that has led to lifetime friendships. That was the best ERT I ever had. Got 20+ rides in an hour. Could feel the train coming off the track then slamming down on the bunny hills.

It’s sad to hear of Bernard’s passing. He was a great guy! The first time I got the courage to post on this board in 1998, he was the first person to respond to my post. RIP Bernard/PAtripman/Ripples.

Comet John

Re: Bernard Denicola - AKA Ripples by Jersey_Joe Jersey_Joe Profile at 7/8/23 6:45:59 AM
YES! That ERT on Phoenix was incredible. At one point, riding alongside Bernard in the 3rd row (aka Ejector Seat), he grabbed my belt and shoved me down. I was literally off my seat for the majority of that ride! The later it got, the better the Phoenix was flying. I never experienced it any better than the 1999 URC ERT!

Jersey Joe