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Relocation of Roller Coasters

Posted: 7/5/22 at 6:50:56 AM
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Since the announcement of California`s Great America land being sold, I think there will be some well deserved relocations. I am going to predict some locations. They are parks that could use something.

Dorney Park= Railblazer
Michigan`s Adventure= Flight Deck
World`s of Fun= Patriot(of course change the name)
Cedar Point= Ghost striker
Canada`s Wonderland= Grizzly
Maybe King`s Island can grab Demon.

What does everyone think? Thank you.

Re: Relocation of Roller Coasters by Satin at 7/25/22 6:42:28 PM
Thanks for the information
Re: Relocation of Roller Coasters by TinaWilliam at 8/3/22 7:24:00 AM
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