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Finally rode Velocicoaster at IOA!

Posted: 11/2/21 at 9:25:31 PM
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Hi folks! It's good to see AirBear and SirWillow still posting in the 'best park' thread and SW's shoutout in the Bat thread.

Since we moved to Florida, I really miss KI, CP and HW, but we've made Orlando our home parks, even though we only live about 45 min from BGT. We've been switching back and forth between USF and WDW season passes for the past few years, but we have a special liking for Universal. We've never had a disappointing day at Universal.

We usually spend a couple of weeks a year because there's usually a stretch of beautiful weather sometime in November. This year was my first time taking a mobility scooter into the park, which made the experience much more pleasant.

Best surprise was a 15 minute wait for Velicoaster! When this ride was announced it looked like it was going to be a lot like Maverick. But I gotta say it's a lot more intense. Wish I was young enough to get in some re-rides but I'm now in the stage of my life where four hours is about all I can take in a park. I'm hoping to get in a few more rides during the next ten days. Today was beautiful but it's forecast to be a little cooler. We'll see.

I'll probably never be able to set foot in KI again to ride any of their newer coasters, but I must say that Velocicoaster is probably the best new coaster I've ridden in probably a decade.

Re: Finally rode Velocicoaster at IOA! by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 11/5/21 7:15:50 PM
I'll be at IAAPA this year and I'm going to try to make it to Universal to ride Velocicoaster near the end of the week. I've read nothing but positive reviews about this roller coaster.
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Re: Finally rode Velocicoaster at IOA! by RobLec RobLec Profile at 11/5/21 9:27:18 PM
You'll love it. I recommend that you D/L the Universal phone app. It has current wait times for all rides and the wait time for this one varies widely. We returned yesterday and found a 70 min wait, so came back later when it was only 30 mins. When we finished riding it was 45 min.

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Re: Finally rode Velocicoaster at IOA! by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 11/30/21 10:38:00 AM
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make it to Universal this trip.
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