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The Historic Blue Streak At Conneaut Lake Park Is In DANGER!

Posted: 9/11/21 at 9:25:07 PM
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Hello, My name is mark, I am a coaster enthusist out of Ohio. Today I called the ace coaster clubs head office and was informed that the historic blue streak Rollercoaster that is almost a century old is going to be listed for sale. Wood coasters are very hard to move and extremely expensive. The ride was damaged by a storm right before the 2021 season and has been sbno ever since. I have set up a croud funding campaign to make the repairs needed in hopes that the great coaster can stay on the property. I have also contacted many local PA news stations to get the word out about this campaign. As coaster enthusiasts it is our duty to preserve historic coasters like the blue streak for future generations. As you can guess this is a massive undertaking as if the park says they don't want to keep the ride then I will need to find it a new home. I have already contacted Indiana beach and Kenny wood 2 relatively close parks to conneaut lake I am waiting to hear back from them. With all the stupid things that have been croud funded over the years I believe we should have no problem saving this historic coaster. The link for the campaign is I know alot of these croud funding campaigns pop up when a park closes but I truly intend to do all I can to save this great coaster. Please donate if you can if you can't please share the link on your social media. I will be making many more calls tommorrow and will hopefully speak to the leader of keldon holding to figure out what the next steps are. Thank you so much for viewing this post and I hope that we together can save this amazing piece of history.

Re: The Historic Blue Streak At Conneaut Lake Park Is In DANGER! by fitPBPattinson at 9/13/21 4:11:47 AM
We'll take note of that. :)