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The Boss Closed

Posted: 10/26/20 at 9:35:23 AM
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Me and my sister went to Six Flags St Louis yesterday, and the boss was closed due to cold weather. I’m not angry or anything, I know it’s for safety, but does anybody know why it can’t be in cold weather? Again, I’m not complaining about safety protocols, but how does it work?

Re: The Boss Closed by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 11/20/20 11:16:03 PM
Cold temperatures can cause conditions that result in the coaster train moving slower than it needs to finish the circuit. It runs a risk of having the train get stuck out somewhere and having to do an evacuation.

It's one reason that many parks don't run a number of their rides in cold weather. Grease not warming up enough work properly, lubrication being stiff instead of fluid, oil not being fluid enough to work properly, etc.

At Silver Dollar City if it's in the mid 30's or below you'll find almost every roller coaster in the park closed for those reasons. They all have minimum temperatures to operate in to make sure they are safe and can run without problems.