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Rail Blazer Accident

Posted: 10/25/20 at 9:09:36 AM
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So I’ve been thinking about the Rail Blazer accident at Six Flags St. Louis this morning and couldn’t get it off my mind. For those who don’t know, Rail Blazer was a stand up coaster, and the woman apparently fell from it when there was a sharp right turn. But what’s bugging me is that she was a heavy woman. The restraints should have been snug on her. They didn’t fail because of her size, as all of the restraints were locked when the car came back to the station. It wouldn’t matter if she had fainted, since the restraints were designed to hold somebody who got into a situation like that. Anyway, my question is, could her husband have pushed her off the car? My dads friend worked there at the time of the accident, and that’s what he thinks happened. I really don’t believe that the way the car moved would have ripped her off the train, especially if the restraints were snug. Any alternate theories or evidence backing this one? It would really ease my mind.