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Cats at Dollywood?

Posted: 9/20/20 at 8:32:53 AM
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Me and my family were at Dollywood this weekend, and me and my sister saw two cats there. They were drinking from a creek. One of them was a brighter orange tabby with white spots, and the other was a plain duller orange tabby. They seemed completely healthy. Has anybody seen these before or know anything about them?

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Re: Cats at Dollywood? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 9/24/20 5:35:26 PM
I've seen cats in many parks. While many are likely strays that hide amongst the attractions and hunt at night, I suspect some are not and are pets.

I've seen some odder things too like animal control removing a coyote from Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride.

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Re: Cats at Dollywood? by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 9/27/20 11:11:35 PM
You might be surprised how many parks have animals living in them. Squirrels, some birds, and cats are common at many parks. They often like the cats because they help to keep the rodent population down.

Some others though have even more than that. When I worked at Silver Dollar City it was common to see chipmunks, skunks, raccoons, armadillos, ground hogs, snapping turtles, deer- and we'd have the occasional barn own, bobcat, bear and mountain lion as well.

I talked about it some in this video from a few years back, that I should probably do a new version of: