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What's The Best B&M Hyper You've Been On?

Posted: 8/7/20 at 10:55:37 AM
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My favorite coaster type is the Hyper by B&M.

200+ ft, 4 seats across, clamshell restraint, amazing aesthetic, I just can't get enough of these roller coasters.

I haven't ridden a giga (300+ ft), like Fury yet, so what is YOUR favorite Hyper from B&M that you've ridden?

I've ridden: 6 out of the 18 listed on rcdb (dot com)

- Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
- Apollo's Chariot (Busch Garden's Williamsburg)
- Diamondback (Kings Island)
- Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)
- Raging Bull - (Six Flags Great America)
- Intimidator - Carowinds

For me, my home park is Six Flags Great Adventure, and my favorite coaster is Nitro. So that's just a given. It's scenery is amazing. Night rides are amazing. It has aged like fine wine, it's the total package.

So what's the next one I consider as my "favorite"? I'd have to give it to Apollo's Chariot. It has a straight drop, with sort of a running start, and it hugs the terrain of Busch Gardens in such beautiful and powerful ways. It's really an amazing ride/experience. I also have ridden it at night and it truly shines in the dark. AC was also the first B&M Hyper, and debuted in 1999.

- mugen828
157 Coasters -- Favorite Coaster -- Nitro (SFGAdv)
117 Steel -- 40 Wood -- Home Park: SFGADv
Re: What's The Best B&M Hyper You've Been On? by CenturyFlyer CenturyFlyer Profile at 8/13/20 11:38:23 AM
I totally agree that AC rocks at night! I got several laps in 2017, and it's currently my favorite hyper of the three that I've ridden. Behind Apollo follows Candymonium and Diamondback, which are both awesome rides, although I was a bit disappointed by the one ride I got on Diamondback, so I'm going to reserve judgment on it until I get a back row ride.

I've also been on Orion, and it's better by leaps and bounds than all of the above!