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Bring some life!!

Posted: 11/27/19 at 10:30:58 AM
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It's been quite dead around here in the past couple months, and of course coaster season is in the off months now.

I just replied to a couple threads in hopes of bumping some topics.

Also, I plan to post a TR soon of a fright fest visit that was purely magical, soon.

How's everyone else doing? Any plans for warm weather parks open year round?

I will be headed to the new mega mall in NJ soon to see what those coasters can offer, anyone else?

- mugen828
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Re: Bring some life!! by CenturyFlyer CenturyFlyer Profile at 11/28/19 12:25:58 PM
I'm hoping to visit Kings Dominion Winterfest again this year. Twisted Timbers is open!! It was a really good season. I hope to see your TR!
Re: Bring some life!! by NotSo NotSo Profile at 12/3/19 7:24:12 PM
I wish someone would post a "new for 2020 thread", I used to love reading those...

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