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Your Major Milestones

Posted: 10/6/19 at 7:55:28 AM
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I don't know if someone had this as a topic before, but do you have a 100th, 200th, 300th… coaster credit that was a great ride ?
Early on I didn't record what rides I rode, but I do have some of the later "milestones".
300 was Verbolten, one of the best family type coasters with a launch or launches.
400 was Flight Deck, a very good B&M invert at California's Great America.
500 was Lightning Rod this last July. It was very fast but over with a little too soon.

Re: Your Major Milestones by CenturyFlyer CenturyFlyer Profile at 10/7/19 5:29:28 PM
I'm at 99 right now and will probably need to wait a while for #100... December if I'm lucky. It might be Wild One at Six Flags America - it's 100+ years old; I was hoping to hit Leap the Dips, but it never opened this year.
Re: Your Major Milestones by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 10/10/19 10:56:49 AM
I haven't really planned my "milestone" coasters, just happened to hit what I hit. Which shows when my #100 was the Santa Monica Westcoaster. Though I guess that isn't all bad when you consider how many tv shows and movies it's been in.

But then my #200 is even worse- "Ant Farm Express" at Wild Adventures, a Vekoma roller skater. lol

#300 is at least a little bit better. Hit that this summer when I rode Tigris at Busch Gardens.

Re: Your Major Milestones by comet3506 at 10/11/19 12:41:13 PM
For me, My 100th coaster was Revolution at Six flags Magic Mountain in 2002. My 200th was Hellcat at Clementon this year. Feeling lucky now to get this credit, as the parks future is in jeopardy. Right now I am sitting at 203 coasters as I hit Dutch Wonderland a few weeks ago.
Comet John