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Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR

Posted: 7/22/19 at 11:06:17 AM
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Finally made it to Nagashima Spa Land with first rides on Arashi and of course Hakugei for me. First rides on Hakugei, Arashi, Acrobat, Steel Dragon 2000, Shuttle Loop, Looping Star, and Ultra Twister for my oldest.

We were a little worried about the weather with rainy season having run a bit late this year. However, with having prayed that we wouldn’t get rained out, it was very nice. It takes us five hours to get from our front door to Nagashima Spa Land, so I left with my kids for the 5:05 morning train, Oy!

Made it to Hotel Nagashima a little before 10:00, checked in, then headed for Hakugei. White Cyclone was the first big coaster my girl rode with me, and the last one we rode at NSL when we were here 3 or 4 years ago.

Hakugei has so many elements I love in a roller coaster. First, they were creative with the initial turn into the lift hill. I have never been on a coaster with air before the lift hill!. You really feel like you are on the sea getting ready to meet a whale.

The lift hill has that awesome view of “I am going to do THAT?” The drop has plenty of air and leads to a double up that brings more ejector air. The overbanked turns follow, along with inversions and the zero-G stall which feels like you have no idea which way you are going. This was a very long ride that we really enjoyed. With almost no crowds and with it being about 3 weeks before summer I got 9 rides the first day.

The restraints were not too tight for us, but we are somewhat small. I have lost weight over the last few years, and my daughter is in great shape. She is a dancer. To be honest, I tightened the restraints just to be safe sometimes. If you like ejector air, this is the coaster for you. It goes so fast that you hardly notice the inversions, but they are still a lot of fun, and the zero-G stall is amazing (think Drachen Fire without pain)

So next was Steel Dragon 2000. I was seriously afraid that it would be a let down after Hakugei. Other than feeling a little more rough than Hakugei, this coaster really held its own. The floating air everywhere, and the feeling of being plastered into your seat at the turnaround brings an experience I haven’t had on any other coaster. The return run has so much floater air, I don’t know of another coaster that can match it.

Another interesting phenomenon I noticed in comparing these two great coasters is that Hakugei wears me out, while Steel Dragon 2000 recharges my batteries.

From here on out I will give a brief review of this other coasters.

Arashi- intense! A short ride, but so intense I wouldn’t want it to be any longer!

Acrobat- I understand that this is the same as Manta, but we like it so much better! We rode both in the same year. Maybe it’s the landscaping...there is a part where you think you can touch the grass at the end...

Ultra Twister- Super fun! My girl screamed on this more than anything else...

Looping Star- So happy that this park keeps classic coasters like this running.

Shuttle Loop- Just great!

The kids rides are wonderful, making doing a shift with the little one that much more fun.

I ate a lot of steak, sashimi, roast beef, and crab at the buffet. I think I look forward to the food about as much as anything here. The hot springs just outside the hotel were so beautiful and relaxing.

We are talking about going for three days next time, so that we can enjoy the water park and just take our time. We did have two days, but they were both travel days which made it a little hectic.

So there you have it, a great park with four nice newer coasters, and several great classics (forgot to mention corkscrew). Great food, and if you time it right, no crowds. Of course, I will always remember this as riding all of the big stuff with my girl for the first time.

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch...

Grace and peace,


Re: Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR by CenturyFlyer CenturyFlyer Profile at 7/22/19 7:23:39 PM
Thanks for the nice report. Getting to this park is a long, long term goal for me.

I recently watched a Steel Dragon POV, and wow, what a fun-looking ride!

Did you like White Cyclone?

Re: Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR by cellocoasterdude cellocoasterdude Profile at 7/22/19 8:45:55 PM
Yes, we liked White Cyclone. It was a little rough, but if you knew where to sit it wasn’t so bad. The coaster made us think of what it would be like if Mean Streak and Rattler were joined together.
Re: Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 7/22/19 11:32:00 PM
^^^Mean Streak and Rattler's baby? Yikes!!! LOL. I haven't been on an Ultra Twister yet, but they seemingly are the best coasters from Togo, as they get alot of good feedback; they look like so much fun. Thanks for the TR.

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Re: Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR by cellocoasterdude cellocoasterdude Profile at 8/6/19 5:26:43 AM
Mean Streak and Rattler in their better days, lol! Togo got something right with Fujiyama, but other than that, Ultra Twister is their best work. Very fun!
Re: Nagashima Spa-Land 7/9-7/10 TR by ShutaroKamigaki at 12/7/20 10:54:40 PM
Hello.l’m a Japanese student and l’ve been to Nagashima Spa Land many times. I actually haven’t ridden Hakugei in my life because l’ve been very busy preparing for the entrance exam.Fortunately l got a chance to go there next month,so could you tell me which seat is the best? It’s a total pity for me that l don’t have enough time to ride each roller coaster for several times and enjoy the difference between the front seat and the back seat .