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Is predator aweful?

Posted: 7/22/19 at 7:37:31 AM
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Is predator Darien lake the worst coaster in existence?. How was your ride on it?. What makes it so bad and rough and painful?.

Re: Is predator aweful? by Millennium_Dragster at 10/18/19 5:47:27 PM
I haven't ridden Predator since the year before SF took the park over. Rough...OH YEAH. It is the only coaster that has bruised my ribs. Visible black and blues. DId I hate it, hell no. It was fun. Not my favourite woodie by any means but it was a decent ride but be prepared for a beating.

I have read over they years it has been retracked and/or reproofed but have no idea if this has had any impact on the ride as I don't see myself getting out to Darien Lake. There just wasn't much there that interested me.