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What wild mouse is horrible?

Posted: 7/21/19 at 9:04:23 AM
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What wild mouse coaster is the jerkiestband the worst and most painful and why? What makes it so bad?

Re: What wild mouse is horrible? by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 7/21/19 6:15:35 PM
Wild Lightnin' at Lake Winnie is the worst wild mouse (and one of the worst coasters) that I've experienced. It has extremely forceful bone jarring laterals.

Here's a coaster studios video on youtube that summed Wild Lightnin' up perfectly.

Re: What wild mouse is horrible? by NorthStarCoastersYT at 4/4/20 2:56:23 PM
Wild Mouse coasters are not my cup of tea. I've only been on 1 and it's an Arrow Dynamics wild mouse at my home park, Valleyfair. Mad Mouse is HORRIBLE! many people on YouTube give me crap because I hate it so much, but I'm not changing my opinion on it. Wild Mouse coasters are jerky and have horrible operations, Every time I see one I just get the credit and never ride that thing again! Recently I've been skipping them at other parks because of the long lines and I just plain hate em'.
Re: What wild mouse is horrible? by ktujon ktujon Profile at 4/11/20 11:07:53 PM
Coast Rider at Knotts used to be one of my favorites until they changed the restraints to make you TRULY staple your legs in and not to mention they're fully trimmed so absolutely no airtime
Re: What wild mouse is horrible? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 4/14/20 11:36:58 AM
I agree the restraint changes on Knott's ride made it much more uncomfortable. I can't entirely figure out why this change was necessary.

I've never thought of Wild Mouse rides as being roller coasters with air-time. Certainly not good air-time.

Ultimate Rollercoaster Moderator
Re: What wild mouse is horrible? by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 4/26/20 1:30:36 PM
Some of the Mack wild mice that rcdb calls "large park" have some nice bigger drops and a layout that does something other than going back and forth and around and around. These aren't bad and I rank them better than some more intense bigger "bad" coasters. Also, if Mack puts a "regular" mild mouse indoors (Dark Knight) they are ok. All their other mice stink. Maurer Söhne haven't made any good ones either. My opinions on mice can change. In 2012, I thought Exterminator at Kennywood was one of the worst 5 rides I ever rode. As of June of last year, it was one of the best rides of that trip (5 parks). To name two other specific mice that were horrible at specific times, Coast Rider at Knott's in 2018 and Ragin' Cajun at SF Great America in 2011. If you want me to include kiddie mice, I have been on two different Fiesta Express just to get credits and laugh about it because they are so small, short, and pointless for adults.