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Kings Island Winterfest

Posted: 12/29/18 at 8:43:26 PM
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This is my first post to URC in many years. Didn’t even remember my user name as I had originally posted under my actual name, Dale Caskey and then under ThrillBilly.

I’ve really slowed down on my coaster riding as I’ve moved into my 50’s. I’ve ridden over 200 different coasters but probably only 10 or so new ones in the past 6 years. I was a former avid reader of URC and posted a little 15 to 20 years ago. Was even an ACE member for awhile.

I did get an opportunity to ride a new coaster last Friday evening at PKI’s uh Kings Island’s Winterfest event, “Mystic Timbers”. Wonderful coaster. The best GCI that I’ve ridden. Great airtime and so smooth a ride. Didn’t play havoc on my aging body as many coasters now do.

This was my first visit to KI since year 1 of Diamondback. Was a season ticket holder at KI for many long ago years. Bought a 2019 season pass for KI. Look forward to ridding my old friend the Racer next season a season I was a 10 year old ridding it the first week that Kings Island opened.

Re: Kings Island Winterfest by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 12/31/18 10:07:54 PM
Welcome back!

I've heard a bit about Mystic Timbers, all good. Would love to get back there again- it's been something like 17 years! SoB was still running- with the loop!

And totally understand about slowing down on the coasters. As I'm approaching 50 I'm enjoying those slower paced days more and more. Though when I do get the chance, like my trip to CP last August, I can still pour it on- at least for a day or two. lol

Re: Kings Island Winterfest by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 1/11/19 11:46:07 AM
Welcome back!

I pop in here from time to time. So you'll see me around.

I have only been to KI once and it was during their Halloween season. Really awesome experience there overall. Loved Diamondback (My fav type of coaster). I need to get back and right Mystic Timbers, and I was also there the year before Banshee. So I'd like to come back for sure!

- mugen828
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