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Year in Review! Also 2019 Plans?!

Posted: 11/27/18 at 9:31:03 AM
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Just wanted to take a second and say Happy Holidays to everyone and also reflect on this past year.

Another coaster season is in the books for me. I had a Diamond memberships at Six Flags this past year and it was awesome. I should have went more than I did, but I definitely got my money's worth. (50% off merch and food was so great!) I believe I went 4 total times to six flags parks this year.

I did hurt my neck on Nitro this year, and it was a terrible experience. I was in severe pain for over a week, and then I strained it again recently just living my life, and it was another week of pain. It's funny how life works, Nitro is not a coaster I'd ever think this would happen on, but it did!

Despite the neck pain though, this was a turnaround year for me and I got back to riding coasters this year more frequently, although not as frequent as I would like. I did get to go to Six Flags New England as me and some friends went to Boston during Labor Day weekend. That park has some nice charm to it and it's a really nice park. That was my second ever visit there. Superman is almost unridable for me at this point though because of the restraints. I'm just over the height limit and my legs feel absolutely terrible in it. So I think my rides this year on it were my last. I really do love the layout of that coaster though.

Wicked Cyclone is an absolutely amazing coaster. I've ridden multiple RMC makeover coasters and I think Wicked Cyclone might be the best out of the one's I've ridden. Overall I love that park, and I recommend it to any coaster fan.

Hoping 2019 I get to travel to more parks. Definitely want to hit up my usuals, Great Adventure (renew my diamond pass), Dorney, Hersey, and then hopefully some new parks for me: Kennywood, Six Flags Great America, Lake Compounce, and maybe Six Flags Magic Mountain finally!

How was your 2018 and what are your plans for 2019?!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

-Kyle aka mugen

- mugen828
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Re: Year in Review! Also 2019 Plans?! by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 12/1/18 2:30:48 PM
In 2018, I made two trips. As is normal, there was one in the middle of June, and another at the end of July. In June, I went to Six Flags Over Georgia, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Waldameer, Conneaut Lake Park, and Camden Park. Twisted Cyclone, Mystic Timbers, Steel Vengeance, all of Conneaut Lake Park, and all of Camden Park were new rides for me. In July, I went to Adventure City, Scandia, Pacific, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, and Belmont Park. Twisted Colossus, Incredicoaster, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were all new experiences for me. I hadn't been to any of the other places before, so those were all new.

My Plans for 2019 include: a June trip to Kennywood, Marineland Theme Park, Fantasy Island, Darien Lake, Seabreeze, and Canada's Wonderland. Marineland and Fantasy Island will be new parks, and we will see what we will see in the others. A July trip will involve Dollywood and some of the rest of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. I will also go to Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Carowinds. The small parks near Pigeon Forge will be all new. I hope to ride the newer coasters in everything else. (I still haven't been on Lightning Rod and Fury 325 ! ).

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