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Texas Coaster Trip Advice

Posted: 7/29/18 at 12:08:27 AM
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Hello all,

I am planning a 3 day trip to Texas during Labor Day weekend to ride coasters. I know I will be spending one day at Six Flags Over Texas and one day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. On the 3rd day, I am expecting to have about half a day to spend at a park. I am trying to decide what is the best way to spend that last day. I see three options.

1. Spend the last half-day at Over Texas
2. Spend the last half-day at Fiesta Texas
3. Spend the last half-day at Seaworld.

A few factors:

-Right now the price difference between flying into San Antonio or Dallas is negligible.

-I have a Six Flags membership, so will not have to pay to enter those parks. I don't have a Seaworld Pass, so I would have to pay. However, that's within my budget.

-I want to ride all the coasters at the Six Flags parks (except the kiddie coasters) but also want to get multiple rides on the RMCs. It's a holiday weekend so it may be crowded. However, I'll have all day on Sat and Sun at the parks. I could also use the money I was planning to spend on Seaworld to get a Flash Pass one of the days I'm at a Six Flags Park.

-I don't know if Seaworld is worth the extra half-day or if it would be better to get more time at of the Six Flags parks. I've never been on a Morgan hyper and am curious about Steel Eel, but basically feel like I know what to expect from the other rides in the park.

-I live in So Cal and get to Nor Cal about once a year for coasters, so I have easy access to clones or virtual clones to the following coasters:

SFOT: Titan and Batman the Ride
SFFT: Boomerang, Goliath, Wonder Woman
Seaworld: Journey to Atlantis, Great White

Any feedback from people who are familiar with these parks would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Texas Coaster Trip Advice by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 8/9/18 2:53:20 AM
Personally, I wouldn't be doing Dallas and San Antonio in the same trip.

Since that's your plan I think you will appreciate having the extra half-day at Six Flags Over Texas.

Fiesta Texas is barely a one-day park, but again that will depend on what day you visit. Saturdays are unbearable in my opinion, but you're going to have to visit one of the parks on a Saturday.

Are you not interested in the waterparks? There are so many waterpark options like Schlitterbahn, Aquatica, and White Water Bay at Fiesta Texas. Another park to consider if you decide to only go to San Antonio would be ZDT's