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Helllllooo UltimateRollerCoaster....It's been 10 years


7/24/18 at
6:50:47 PM

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As the subject says, "it's been 10 years" since I've posted here. It was a long gap between my previous posts but not quite a decade. Last time i posted was asking about the old guard and gave a Kennywood trip report...

My last post was after my 1st trip to Kennywood and i felt nostalgic. I'm pretty sure that was the last time i went on a coaster...

It's looking like "Social media" probably has drained this site of it's traffic and it's connections...I'm sure time/life/death has taken it's toll as well.

I came here after reading a FB post about Steel Vengeance. I was looking for info. I didn't get much info. Trip reports are lacking

Wow, it's crazy what they've been doing with coasters! There's monorail coasters now!? All these "wooden" coasters have been reworked?!

Re: Helllllooo UltimateRollerCoaster....It's been 10 years by NotSo NotSo Profile at 7/26/18 12:40:24 PM
I have about 15 rides or so on Steel Vengeance. I like it, to a point. I wish they could design a better train. They say it has airtime, but really there is none because you are locked to the seat so tight that you don't move. I mean it is fun and all, just not the "best coaster in the world!!" as you read on Twitter and stuff. I like Dragster, MF, Maverick and Magnum better than SV for CP rides.

We have been enjoying Kings Island a lot more than CP the last 2 years. Mystic Timbers, Diamondback and Beast are all right next to each other and are all great rides we enjoy.

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Re: Helllllooo UltimateRollerCoaster....It's been 10 years by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 7/27/18 10:10:16 PM
There's a number of us old timers around, including several who have been around longer than me. :-)

Even on a lot of the other coaster discussion areas I haven't seen a whole lot of discussion of Steel Vengeance. But what I have seen has been pretty popular.

Reddit seems to really have taken over the forums/ discussion part of the internet, along with youtube channels and things like that. Most of the social media stuff I see actually comes out of those.

But that doesn't mean that URC isn't still around. :-)

Re: Helllllooo UltimateRollerCoaster....It's been 10 years by cellocoasterdude cellocoasterdude Profile at 8/28/18 8:32:24 AM
Hi there,

I haven’t been on for a while either. We made it to a couple of events our last year in the US eleven years ago, Holiday World and Cedar Point/Geaga Lake (RIP). We had the first ERT on Voyage, and saw sneak peeks of Maverick. Then, we left for Japan.

Can you believe both our kids are riding age already? We mostly go to Thunder Dolphin, since it’s close and easy to get to. Disney is great here, Disney Sea is one of the nicest Disney parks. Fuji-Q has some great coasters, but unless you go in the dead of winter, the crowds are ridiculous. Nagashima Spa-Land is our favorite park anywhere, but we need to get a hotel to really enjoy the experience. They have the park which has the best collection of old and new I have ever seen, a very good water park, deluxe hot springs, the biggest outlet mall you’ve ever seen, and dinner and breakfast buffets at the hotel that put any food you can get in America to shame.

So I guess I’m telling you to come to Japan! We should arrange a URC gathering at Nagashima Spa-Land before we all get too old to do this anymore...Actually, my Dad is 75, and he rides everything with us!

Glad you stuck your head out...hopefully I can get back in touch with some people on here again.