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Park suggestions? - August

Posted: 6/22/18 at 4:59:27 PM
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Hey everyone!

So although I've gotten back into the swing of things this year a little bit with two trips to Six Flags Great Adventure already, I had to put things to a halt because I hurt my neck on Nitro. I know I know, it sounds odd, and trust me it was. Pretty much pulled what felt like all the muscles in my neck because I was looking one way, and nitro went the other lol.

Anyways! I'm back in commission, and it's been probably a month and I feel back to 100%.

So August 28th is my birthday - could you guess? and I have hit up a park every year for the occasion! It's usually a great time bc sometimes kids are back in school and the weather is usually perfect. Actually some of my favorite visits ever are during this time.

My birthday amusement park visit is now a tradition with my and my girlfriend as she's been with me on each of these visits. 3/4 were just the two of us!

2014 - Six Flags Great Adventure
2015 - Hershey Park
2016 - Dorney Park
2017 - Knoebels

As you can see, we've tried to hit different ones each year, and we've hit the relatively close ones to us, so now we have to venture out. Any ideas on a good park to hit?

I have been to BGW and KD (but not since 2011). I've never been to SFAmerica but for kind of good reason as it doesn't seem to warrant a visit, but hey maybe this is the year?

Maybe there is a small gem we could hit that I'm missing out on?

At this moment, I'm leaning towards BGW as they seem to have added quite a bit since 2011. However it's quite expensive as we all know.

Let me know your guys' thoughts!

- mugen

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- mugen828
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Re: Park suggestions? - August by coastinj coastinj Profile at 6/22/18 9:00:46 PM
Does your company have an employee portal website where you get corporate discounts to other companies? My company is partnered up with a lot, we get a 45% discount to Busch Gardens parks.

But I would recommend Lake Compounce or Waldameer.

Re: Park suggestions? - August by cellocoasterdude cellocoasterdude Profile at 8/18/18 1:11:23 AM
Happy Birthday!

I would suggest either Lake Compounce, or Kennywood.