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How were these coasters?

Posted: 5/22/18 at 2:47:03 PM
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How was viper at six flags great adventure and Batman and
Robin the chiller?. Were they really headbanging?. What made them good and not so good coasters?

Re: How were these coasters? by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/25/18 10:22:08 PM
Of those, I only rode Robin: The chiller. It was early in the year that it closed. I love Premier Rides coasters and this was no exception. It remains one of my favorite of many defunct rides. There was not much headbanging and it was quite smooth given its layout. (Keep in mind my two trips on it did not give me a lot of experience with it.)
Re: How were these coasters? by ericthewanderer at 6/6/18 1:29:25 AM
I actually got to ride all 3,but only when Chiller had the OTSRs(I was a little "too wide" to fit during the short time it had the lap bars).
For me the only headbanging on Chiller was on the Robin(red)side inside the cobra roll;the Batman side top hat wasn't that bad.Like with old Arrow or Vekoma rides the trick was to simply keep your head back and "brace yourself" especially during the launch.
As for Viper,that ride seemed to bang up your whole body.I've even heard people say Viper was worse than Vekoma SLC's!The first couple of seasons I got to ride it(like around 1999/2000 right after it was built),the "body shaking" it put me through was tolerable,but after that the ride seemed to deteriorate quickly.It was closed for long periods of time for maintenance/repairs,and no matter what they did,the ride just got rougher every year.Although the ride had a bad-ass first inversion that really did give you "hangtime" and a cool-ass station and queue line,I wasn't surprised the ride was torn down after only 10 years.
Re: How were these coasters? by Thunder21 Thunder21 Profile at 6/6/18 1:50:44 AM
What’s the worst coaster for headbanging you have ever been on and the roughest and most painful?. Hope to hear from u soon