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How was son of beast?

Posted: 5/22/18 at 2:45:30 PM
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Ever been on son of beast? How was it?. What element make it painful and rough?. Was the helix and rose bowl painful?
What can else u tell me about your experience?

Re: How was son of beast? by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 5/23/18 2:30:53 PM
Terrible coaster and good riddance. the only decent part of it was the loop. It was loud, painfully rough, jackhammered the whole way. Even the lift hill (which was the loudest lift hill I've ever been on) wasn't exactly smooth, and the cars weren't comfortable to sit in either. It was one of the 3 worst, roughest coasters I've ever been on.
Re: How was son of beast? by Thunder21 Thunder21 Profile at 5/23/18 2:37:19 PM
What’s are your three roughest wood coasters you ever been on in order?. What are your three roughest steel coasters ever u been on in order?.
Re: How was son of beast? by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/25/18 10:36:35 PM
I rode SOB the year before it closed for good. I only rode it twice and only in the front seat. Given that, I liked it a lot. It might be my favorite defunct wooden. It was generally not very rough and quite fun at all times. The drops were long and fast; the forces were strong and enjoyable. Keep in mind, if I had ridden this in any other seat and at any other time my views would be totally different.