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Last Knoebels question, i promise....

NotSo NotSo Profile

3/10/18 at
8:23:57 PM

I always get good advice on ultimate rollercoaster, and I know iv'e brought this up before.. but here goes..

I am putting my foot down and going to Knoebels this summer. By myself most likely.

Waldameer is one of my favorite places to visit, its only an hour drive. Knoebels is 5. So, I guess my biggest question would be this - if I made a one day/night trip out of it, and I rent a campsite from them for one night, is it ok if I "camp" in my SUV? silly question I know... has anybody done this? The local hotels are a bit away from the park, and to be perfectly honest, I like to drink some beers at my car and ride rides. Id rather not drive anywhere if I'm drinking.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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