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Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18

Posted: 1/23/18 at 1:22:11 PM
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I have visited many different and new parks over the past couple years but haven't had the time to write one up, since I'm alittle sick now and resting figure it's time to write one up since it's still fresh in my head:
Planned this trip since I found out the park is open EVERYDAY this year
Arrive to the park around 3:15pm the two far left lanes were open, only saw a total of two school buses parked in the section past the first island of the lot. First stop was Full Throttle and to my surprise the line started in the station! While only one train running waited three cycles to get on, there was someone assigning rows and they stressed the NO PREFERRED SEATING sign so I got assigned row 6. One thing noticeable about the ride is you feel the brakes like halfway down the final drop otherwise the first loop is my favorite part of the ride.

I made my way to X2 my favorite coaster in the park, walked straight in there was no employee telling you which side to goto so I picked the far side and got ride into the station apparently when I arrived they emptied out the train due to some restraint issue the pair in front of me waiting seemed scared and let me get in front of them I boarded the next train they were running two trains 1 and 3 with 3 having the onboard audio which I prefer, I also got in one ride on train 1 pretty dull without it, back row is my favorite so intense after the first drop didn't experience any banging on my legs near the end of the ride which I experience on my previous visit, got in 3 rides total all stayed in the station.

I made my way to Tatsu next another walkon to the back row with just 1 train running in the left station since there was a group of 3 still my favorite B&M flyer breath taking view but I prefer the Vekoma so much more comfy loading on your back and sitting on the brake run.

Walked by Apocalypse still down haven't rode it since 2015, made my way to Justice League the line starts right outside the building they let a group into a preshow room where the three superhero statues sit then into another preshow room where the cyborg animatronic talks then into a que line where there one entrance for single riders which I took, got into the 2nd car since there was another single rider in front of me, I've done Justice League at SFSTL, GrAdv and SFOT pretty similar and this version has extra screens to shoot at and extra visuals too got 93k on first try someone in my car broke 100k.

Went to Riddlers Revenge since its right next door and walked through the regular que for the first time, in the past I have walked through the exit path since they have a single rider line there but no need for it today as when I arrived in the station just a couple groups waiting for the front with just one train running, I took about the fifth row and stayed on twice without leaving, interesting I saw someone stayed in a squat position while riding and they didn't say anything about that.

Twisted Colossus was next, my first ride was in 2nd to last row in the orange train other than the first drop felt very sluggish, walked around and got on the blue train someone in the middle I think row 8 since it's right next to the exit gate was a much better ride. I ended up walking around two more times to get 2nd row rides and those were definitely much better with the blue train running better than orange and got to duel on that last ride too. I didn't bother trying to reride because they were yelling at people trying to climb under the handrails into the station to make them go through the turnstiles.
With less than 20 minutes before 6pm park closing made my way to Goliath with just 1 train op got right on to the back seat a very fast and smooth ride but with a near full stop mid brake I did encounter a mild grey out on the 2nd half helix but nothing like my first ever ride on it back in 2012 or so.
I had about 5 minutes to spare so made it back to Full Throttle before the line cutoff where they played a Looney Tunes park closing dialogue through the PA system. I got assigned to row 7 and managed to stay on for the last train of the night since no one was waiting in my row for that.
Easily one of my favorite visits due to no crowds since the 365 day operation is new.

Ride Count: 3:20pm-6pm:
1 Full Throttle
3 X2
1 Tatsu
1 Justice League
2 Riddlers Revenge
4 Twisted Colossus
1 Goliath
2 Full Throttle
thanks for reading!

Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 1/23/18 2:22:26 PM
Great TR Jon. Six Flags Magic Mountain is my most wanted park in the world. I have not been to California yet, but my kids have. They really liked Six Flags Magic Mountain, and talk about it all the time, saying it's one of the best parks they've been to, if not the best. Maybe one day after the kids are grown, I'll venture out that way, and finally get to experience it for myself.
Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18 by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 2/2/18 5:53:48 AM
I last went to Magic Mountain in 2013. I will be going again this July. I really liked Full Throttle, the original Revolution, Riddler's Revenge, Scream!, Viper, and X2. Apocalypse the Ride, the original Colossus, Superman: Escape from Krypton, and Tatsu were a little bit disappointing. Batman The Ride, Gold Rusher, Goliath, and Ninja were ok; nothing special. Some say that when dueling, Twisted Colossus is the best ride there. I am not sure about that. I have looked at videos. Anyway,that is one of the things I am most looking forward to.
Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18 by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 3/16/18 1:01:23 PM
SFMM is on my bucket list.

So amazing you got to ride coasters in January! So awesome. Nice TR it was a great read!

- mugen828
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Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18 by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 3/22/18 5:29:00 AM
Since I have never traveled out of Florida during the "off season" to go to parks, I am interested in what the weather was like for this January trip. I am guessing that it was about 50 degrees and everyone was in sweat shirts.
Re: Magic Mountain Trip Report 1/22/18 by glutton glutton Profile at 3/31/18 1:39:24 PM
Wow, that's a great ride count for less than 3 hours! I live in the Bay Area, and try to get to Magic Mountain at least once a year, and feel like I'm overdue for another visit. I wasn't as lucky as you with the rides and wait times last time I went, which I think was last February (but on a weekend.)