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questions about the best way to get to cedar point.

Posted: 11/17/17 at 3:10:14 AM
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When i visit cedar point next summer it,s going to be my first time there in 11 years since my last visit back in in new york city i have several different options on how to get there.

I can fly into cleveland airport then take a taxi from cleveland to the park which is the most convenient of hour on the plane another hour the taxi from cleveland airport to cedar point.But this option is also the most expensive too.A taxi from cleveland airport to cedar point is going to cost me $150 to $200 each way plus the cost of the plane ticket.

The amtrak train leaves new york city at 3.40pm & arrives in sandusky at 4.55am but there is no hotel walking distance from the amtrak that will let me check in at 4.55am.So with no hotel to check in at that time what am i going to do there till the park opens up at 10am?But at least it,s alot cheaper than flying into cleveland & taking the taxi from there to cedar point.

The greyhound bus arrives in sandusky at 2.20pm i can check into a hotel as soon as my bus arrives there but then i only have half a day at the park but it,s still alot better than arriving there by amtrak at 4.55am.but spending 17 hours on the bus & changing buses both in pittsburgh & cleveland is not something that i want to do either.

One of the problems with cedar point is it,s location.No airport within 60 miles.No public transportation to the park.All of the other parks that i have been to have a much better transit system from the closest airport to the park.I know its november now & i am not going to be there till next year june or july but with all the hardships in getting there i want to work on it now so that everything goes well when i finally do go there next summer.


Re: questions about the best way to get to cedar point. by Coaster316 at 11/23/17 10:23:58 AM
An Uber from the airport to Cedar Point is currently listed at $50-$66 one way. That would be quite a savings over a cab and just as convenient. Might even be more of a savings to rent a car depending on your length of stay and if you don’t mind driving.