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Red Force coaster in Port Aventura

Posted: 10/23/17 at 1:30:58 AM
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So this new Intamin has been put up at Port Aventura - and it reaches like 112mph,with a height of like 360ft...very impressive! Tallest giga coaster and one of the fastest in the world. Buy did you guys realize that the acceleration system is LSM?!

Why do you think Intamin did it like that? It's way not as intense as the hydraulic launch on the other Accelerator coasters. Is it because those coasters break down so often that it keeps its capacity down? And has tons of maintenance issues? I mean that kind of makes sense, but on the other hand, when they're in operation - their experience CRUSHES the experience on LSM launched coasters.

What does everyone think?

Re: Red Force coaster in Port Aventura by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 1/19/18 4:13:02 PM
Good question. It's possibly due to cost/maintenance. Not sure though.

At my home park of six flags great adventure, Kingda Ka hits 128.5 mph and has an enormous system underneath of it. It does break down a lot, so it's possible Intamin thought LSM was the way to go.

Also, it's not as fast as Top Thrill Dragster or Kingda Ka, so it could just be a speed thing as well.

- mugen828
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