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LA Folks

Posted: 9/30/17 at 3:48:40 AM
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I just got back from LA where I finally got to visit Sfmm and Knotts. I had a blast at both parks, was disappointed that Green Lantern, Apocalypse, and Xcelerator were all down for the count. Ride wise, I was surprised that both parks were sparse on flat rides, both parent companies could use to put some more into these 2 parks. Also, Knotts has a lot of similar coasters, Hangtime will be a nice addition but I’d love to see maybe vekomas new flyer here. Something different.

But where Knotts has me was the food. And on that note if any SoCal person could help me out I’d be forever grateful. I forgot about the TSA rules and they confiscated the Boysenberry honey I had bought as a gift for my mom. I’d be grateful if there’s anyone that could coordinate to get a bottle shipped to me.