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Hmmm, no new topic re Boulder Dash's troubles...

Posted: 8/31/17 at 4:43:36 PM
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...guess I'll have to do it.

If you have not heard:
Last Saturday, a few hours before attendees at Oc-Boulder-Fest were to have nighttime ERT, the folks doing the addition of the second train on BD blew it big time. BD is basically trashed for a while.
You can look it up.

Also, all the work done on Wildcat has resulted in it being run but with sporadic operations. However, the ride experience is just awful. Lots of speed, nice new MF trains (what happened to those soft cushions on these?) but after two rides during that ERT last Saturday, I was done. Else my neck would have been sprained and my head would have exploded. Ouch!

Mike B.