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Posted: 8/20/17 at 4:36:04 AM
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i rode the volcano 80 times then headed to 305 for 12 rides....3 on richochet..then 22 times on dominator with a total of 117 rides on those coasters consecutively without a lapse except bathroom and a piece of pizza as i was running to next coaster.....i already held the huge records on those

dominator-75,no break....10 am to 10 pm
305-80 rides,no break..10 am to 10 pm
volcano-80,no break..just a run to bathroom on them

park opened at 10 am closed at 8 pm when i did the 117 consecutive rides in doswell va

they have a ride called delerium....51 rides and didnt get off for any break except to change seats

i will hit 150 consecutive rides in one normal operating day coming a 51 year old disabled im posting this because the park knows all about me and my huge numbers of rides consecutively and pics were on funpix portal....i wanted to share my rides because they are huge when you consider the hours of operation and my age and running full speed to next coaster...thanks for reading....these coasters are fast..have inversions,loops and last from 54 seconds to 2 minutes...also hold record on richochet of 21 rides....

Re: KINGS DOMINION 8/16/2017 by NotSo NotSo Profile at 8/20/17 2:45:18 PM
Do you go to any other parks and do this?
I liked Kings Dominion, been about 18 years since ive been there, maybe next year with the new Hurler. Grizzly was my favorite, I think I rode 24 times the day I was there. Couple rides with Danny B, wonder if he still rides?

My only advice would be, don't run hahaha! Take some time to relax! Park benches are your friend, :)

Good for you, that's pretty cool.

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