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How To Open My Own Roller Coaster Theme Park ?

Posted: 6/9/17 at 4:18:56 PM
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I did a lot of research and to open a roller coaster theme park just for land it usually costs $900,000,000 million or more to open I'm 24 and I have always have love roller coasters
how do I open my own roller coaster theme park ? who do I contact to make a some kind of deal ? can I pay $50,000 - $1,000,000 million a year etc ? to pay it off I want open my own dispensary in Colorado or Florida to come up with this money I did all the research so how much will it cost me exactly to open a roller coaster theme park like
Kings Dominion , Busch Gardens , Six Flags ,
Universal studios , Kings Island, etc ? I'm on ssi and I don't make much and I do to do this with my life and not only for people to visit my roller coaster theme park but also so they enjoy every second they are there how much does security cameras cost , security gates , how much does it cost for a parking lot ? how much will employees need to be paid ,
how much should tickets be $100 , $250 , how much it cost to get shops into my park , etc ? I am serious about all this me and my friend will run both I want him to be
co owner of the theme park and me the official owner how do we open a roller coaster theme park ? I know there is someone I would need to contact about this and I know roller coasters are $10,000,00 , $20,000,000 , $30,000,000 million + just for 1 roller coaster to be installed how do I start my own roller coaster theme park how much will it cost to hire people to cut down trees and everything to make it professional ? please answer I have looked on google and can't really find any information on how to open a roller coaster theme park
this is serious and I will make it happen I just need to know everything please answer and thanks for taking your time thanks.

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Kings Dominion etc

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Re: How To Open My Own Roller Coaster Theme Park ? by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 6/9/17 10:16:04 PM
Short simple answer but one that's not easy.

Learn to make multiple millions of dollars a year. In the process save up around $500 million. At that point you and/or your company should have enough assets and credit to build your park, and you will have learned the answers to all of your other questions and how to deal with them in the process. :-)

(I know that might sound snarky. It's really not meant that way. It's a sincere, honest answer to your question.)

Re: How To Open My Own Roller Coaster Theme Park ? by NotSo NotSo Profile at 6/10/17 12:54:52 AM
Hey Bob you can do anything you set your mind to, go for it!! Good luck, and tell us how it goes!
Re: How To Open My Own Roller Coaster Theme Park ? by snake2k15 at 6/11/17 10:29:33 AM
I would imagine that the biggest challenge in the Orlando area or even Florida in general is not so much getting the land but the city to approve the land for another theme park. If i was you, i would look into whether or not it is even an option. You may have to look at a different state.
It is one thing to bring up the proposal and show some assets going towards it, but they can very easy just turn it down for various reasons. Getting to know who (aside from the Mayor), is on that team that approves this type of thing will help you as well.

Also as far as land goes, how much land are you looking at. How much you plan on using up before opening, what is your 5 or 10 year plan. Theme parks require a set budget for not just roller coaster's, but maintenance as well.

Another question is what about investor's? You stated you have person that will be co-owner, but what happens when that person's money is gone? Investors will be a key in keeping things going. They may not be necessary the first couple of year's. But once you start getting into planning for future and cost's for upgrades and new rides. They will be necessary.

As far as the other things go. Maybe start up a small business first get the hang of all the cost involved. For the smaller but common things such as security and employee salaries. Learn the in and out's a business for start-up cost and how long it really takes to make a profit. Then move on to the theme park. get a good lawyer to help with the legal stuff.

Finally, good luck.

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