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Mystic Timbers Review

Posted: 5/19/17 at 12:40:55 PM
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Well on the way home from the boat I stopped at Kings Island to try out the new Mystic Timbers. I did arrive at the park until 2:30 and the park closed at 8:00. Luckily for me the park was dead, so I managed to get 12 rides on Kings Island new GCI wooden coaster.

At first they were letting us choose our row. Later on in the day they were assigning seats. I Rose the front 6 times, the back twice, second from back twice and in the middle twice. Front row was by far my favorite seat.

The theming is set as if you are in a truck navigating through an off road trail. The trains are the new Millennium Flyer trains that have a slight difference in the seats and the restraints. Invadr at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has these updates on their trains as well. The restraints now must go down further for that first click. I had no problem whatsoever fitting, but I'm thinner now than I have been in many years. They run 3 trains and have 6 ride ops checking restraints. They are counted down from 20 seconds to get the train dispatched, which creates lightning fast dispatches. No bins to put loose articles in, so you have to get a locker for your loose items. They do allow cell phones and wallets in your pants pockets.

As for the ride, the first drop is curved and is really good. The first half of the ride is loaded with ejector air time and insane laterals. It's literally top 5 quality and the most intense experience on a GCI, but I still haven't ridden White Lightning, Gold Striker, or Apocalypse. I plan to ride White Lightning in August. There's a tunnel midcourse of the ride, that covers the turnaround of its out and back layout. It feels that that tunnel turn scrubs off too much speed. The second half of the ride is good, but not great. The layout is great, but the air time and laterals are not nearly as strong. It's very similar to Prowler. Mystic Timbers has a better first half than Prowler, but Prowler has a better second half. All in all I would rank Mystic Timbers at my #10 favorite wooden coaster spot out of the 112 different coasters that I've ridden.

As far as the shed, I will not give away any spoilers. I will say this. Many people are disappointed in the shed, because of how the park chose to market it. If they didn't market it that way, and left it as a pleasant surprise, more people would appreciate it.

All in all Mystic Timbers became my new favorite coaster at Kings Island, but I do prefer wooden coasters. I plan on returning next week so my kids can ride it. Not only is it a great addition to the park, it's a destination coaster, that every enthusiast should put on their bucket list. Hope you guys get down to Kings Island and experience it for yourselves.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Mystic Timbers Review by NotSo NotSo Profile at 5/19/17 5:28:36 PM
For us, at least before our first ride, we were distracted by the thought of "whats in the shed". Then the actual ride blew us away.
The only thing I would disagree with you on is I think the return half is just as good as the first half. The ride just doesn't stop or slow down, freakin awesome. I think it takes that turnaround at a crazy speed.

The shed, well, that's one way to run 3 trains so that's cool. We like Adventure Expresses' shed better, hahahah!

Oh yeah, preview night and opening day line was crazy. It went through that old indoor topspin ride, into the woods, came out by Beast, and up the way up the hill past the tower.
Opening day I bought Fastlane, we got about 15-20 rides in. I lost count after 12.
Pass preview day that weren't selling fastlane, but they were running the $5 fastlane wheel. I won 2 MTimbers tickets on 2 spins, everybody was winning MTimbers, it was like it was rigged that way!

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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/19/17 7:43:51 PM
NotSo, that's good to hear that the second half of the ride was that good opening day. I know with new wooden coasters, it takes awhile for them to break in. Wooden coasters can be temperamental day to day or even hour to hour, even older ones. I plan on taking the kids next week, and I'll be stopping by Kings Island several times on the way to and from work. If I experience the second half as good as the first half, it will be a top 5 wooden coaster. That's encouraging to hear that.
Re: Mystic Timbers Review by d-lo775 d-lo775 Profile at 5/20/17 7:59:54 PM
I've got 58 laps in on MT on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and 78 total this season, no fast passes, I just live extremely close to the park. I've only needed to get one click on the restraints on all of my rides so far, which is good since I'm weighing in at an all time high currently. I have gotten it to click a second time during some of my airtime landings before the mid course tunnel. But I've left the station every time with one click.

At first I enjoyed the front of the train more than the back, but that has all changed for me this week. I now feel the back gives the superior ride, especially when it comes to the second drop and the return to the station.

My opinion of the coaster from my first ride on preview night until now is very different. I'm missing 4 active American GCI's from being complete, InvadR, Gold Striker, Apocalypse and Renegade. I would say it is right there with Prowler for the #1 spot and would likely be in my top 10 wood coasters as well (excluding RMC). Currently at 82 wood credits.

I agree that the shed was over hyped and could never live up to expectations.It would've been better left as just a surprise with no hype.

BTW, frontrow if you see Chris Jett on the barge tell him Dave Hester says Hello. I lived in Maysville, KY for 32 years, before moving to Mason, OH a decade ago this month. Also, I believe my cousin's son is now a deckhand working for Crounse his name is Scott Henderson.

Expect a little heavier crowds this week than last. Also expect them to be assigning seats more this week too. Most of the schools in the Tri-county area got released for the Summer on Friday (5/19).

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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/21/17 1:28:07 AM
Thanks for your review Dave. I do know Chris Jett. He's actually one of the few guys who has been with the company longer than I have. I don't ride the same boat as him, and haven't seen in a while, but I'm sure I will eventually. We trade tows with other boats all the time. Just haven't turned Chris's boat in a while. I figured the crowds will be worse next week at Kings Island. I bet some schools in the area are starting their summer break. Nonetheless, my kids want to ride it, so we will be headed down on either Wednesday or Thursday.
Re: Mystic Timbers Review by d-lo775 d-lo775 Profile at 5/21/17 6:14:43 PM
frontrow, if you get a chance to visit on a Tuesday sometime before the end of June, the park has Timber Tuesdays ERT for pass holders. Last week was the first one and it was great. The park stayed opened an extra 80 minutes (8-9:20 P.M.) for pass holders to ride MT. The first 30 minutes was slightly busy (10-15 minute wait), but after that it was pretty much a walk on or a train wait for any row. Plus last Tuesday was easily the least crowded day all week.

I'm not sure which days I'll be visiting next week, but if you see a white guy, 6ft., about 270 lbs. with a black, Kentucky (UK) hat, early 40s, with glasses, stop and say hey. I know you'll be busy with family, but I've enjoyed meeting people from this message board in the past. Have a safe trip.

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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/22/17 12:29:24 PM
Sure wish I could ride Mystic Timbers. We loved Thunderhead, which I think was the only GCI we rode other than Gwazi.

I do think about KI a lot since we moved. One year ago this past weekend we were at Coasterstock. I suspect they stopped doing that after two straight years of duds. Other than that I hardly ever think of Cincinnati.

We'll be back for a few days one month from now but won't have time to visit the park, so we never renewed our passes. It's a new era for us.

Thanks for he review!

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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by d-lo775 d-lo775 Profile at 5/22/17 8:26:57 PM
Hello, Rob.

Sorry to read that you and your wife are not in the best of health currently. It appears KI has done away with quite a few admission jobs over the last year. Probably half the staff from when we worked there together. Suzie is the only familiar face I've seen this year. Ran into Jimmy inside the park one day, but haven't seen him working this year.

Coasterstock was held last weekend. I didn't attend, it's kind of pointless when you live on Kings Mills Road and can go whenever. The threat of rain all weekend probably keep the crowds somewhat low. There's several changes happening in the area. New road work and restaurants seem to be popping up everyday. You definitely would enjoy MT, I think. Judging by how much you use to enjoy Ravine Flyer II.

Well enjoy your trip back to the 'Nati and be safe. I have a Super Grover Pass this year, so I may just run into you down in Florida later this year. Take care and best wishes to you and your wife.

Re: Mystic Timbers Review by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/23/17 7:38:43 PM
Thanks for the reply and the well wishes, and for the news about our former co-workers. Yes, that road has always needed work. Countless accidents near the auto gates. News of new business opening up along there has been a long time coming.

Rain and chilly weather has been the biggest problem with Coasterstock the prior two years, so no surprise it hampered events this year as well. CP's Coastermania usually seemed to fair better, even given it being so much further north.

I sent you an email. Thanks again.

Re: Mystic Timbers Review by NotSo NotSo Profile at 5/24/17 12:56:43 AM
Hey Roblec, we are all pulling for you guys. Well, I mean, I guess I can only speak for myself but, I wish you the best. I never met you, but I know you guys are good people.

Kings Island is a very special park, historic. With Diamondback and Mystic Timbers, hey, I love it. I have a couple things wrong with my body too, that's why i'm trying to get in as much as I can. I know I wont always be able to...

We never did Coasterstock (try to avoid events) but it was funny a few years ago we were on Beast and saw the tour going on back there. When I got home I read that it was Coasterstock, lol..

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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/24/17 8:09:23 PM
Dave we will be at Kings Island tomorrow Thursday May 25th and at Kentucky Kingdom on Friday.
Re: Mystic Timbers Review by MommaBeast MommaBeast Profile at 5/29/17 2:48:07 PM
Just blurt it out -- indicate there's a spoiler alert and blurt it out! LOL The shed is a major bust. #Unbelievable

~MommaBeast, just my two teeny tiny itty bitty pennies

Re: Mystic Timbers Review by NotSo NotSo Profile at 6/1/17 3:04:05 PM
MommaBeast said:

Just blurt it out -- indicate there's a spoiler alert and blurt it out! LOL The shed is a major bust. #Unbelievable

~MommaBeast, just my two teeny tiny itty bitty pennies

I don't understand why you roll into the shed, then sit there for 3 minutes listening to a radio. And then the show starts, but you roll past it in 3 seconds.

Re: Mystic Timbers Review by NotSo NotSo Profile at 6/1/17 11:59:10 PM
I agree with d-lo, back seat is by far the best seat!
Re: Mystic Timbers Review by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 6/8/17 2:23:57 PM
Haven't been on a coaster YET this year. You guys are making me jealous!
- mugen828
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Re: Mystic Timbers Review by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 6/19/17 11:28:05 PM
I actually just rode this today for the first time and it was my first time at Kings Island. Loved the entire thing except for the shed also. I was highly disappointed and is the only reason I didn't give it a 10/10. The airtime does wonders and wasso good.