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Falcon's Fury vs Other Drop Towers

Posted: 5/18/17 at 5:58:31 AM
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Hey everyone! I currently live about 4 hours from Tampa for school. Curious to ride Falcon's Fury but I'm thinking about visiting Six Flags Great Adventure also later this summer. Six Flags has more roller coasters. How is falcon's fury compared to other drop towers like zumanjaro? Everyone raves about falcons fury but I don't want to pay $89 just to mainly go on falcons fury. I've been on busch garden's other rides and although they're good, they aren't as fun as six flags great adventure or cedar point. Cedar point is my home park. What do you guys suggest? Do you think it's worth it? Thanks.

Re: Falcon's Fury vs Other Drop Towers by NotSo NotSo Profile at 5/18/17 1:03:42 PM
I guess it depends on what $89 is worth to you.
Personally, I think Falcon's Fury is worth making a trip for, even if you have done everything else at BGT.
Re: Falcon's Fury vs Other Drop Towers by leroyk at 5/18/17 9:24:30 PM
Zumanjaro is fun. The drop goes on forever. Falcons Fury is bad to the bone. Face down drop. Yeah not happening on Zumanjaro. Both are worth experiencing. But I will ride Falcons Fury 3 times in a row on my way to Kumba and another 3 times on the way back to Montu. The other once is enough. Similar but different experiences.