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Six Flags Texas May 31 & June 1- any advice

Posted: 5/17/17 at 2:13:40 PM
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It's been 20 years since I've been to the park. We've got a couple of days scheduled at it so there's plenty of time for reminiscing, riding, and shooting video/ photos. But also looking for any current advice and suggestions. Planning on being at the park at opening and staying as long as we can.

Do you still start by going to La Vibora, the bobsled, first? Or are there other coasters to get first then that one before the lines get long? It's a Weds and Thurs so hoping the crowds aren't to bad, but are there other things we should be aware of now?

Re: Six Flags Texas May 31 & June 1- any advice by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 5/17/17 2:55:25 PM
I spent four days at the park last summer starting the last Sunday of July. I went on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Sunday was the busiest day, but for the most part lines were less than 20 minutes, many were a walk-on. The exception was 30 minutes for Roaring Rapids and La Vibora. I skipped the VR on Shockwave and Riddler Revenge.

During the week almost all rides were a walk-on. The longest waits were for El Aserradero log flume and Riddler Revenge. On Thursday I decided to wait the 40 minutes for Riddler Revenge and was glad I did so. It's a good ride.

I don't think there is much strategy for this park. La Vibora is a long, slow line on busy days. Water rides tend to be busier when it is hot.

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