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I wonder why... has there ever been..??

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12/26/16 at
7:01:08 PM

I have a weird question, I wonder if anybody here has any insight.

I was looking at antique amusement park cars, i'd like to own one some day.. but anyway, that got me to thinking, man, if I was a very independently wealthy individual the things I would buy. Umm, starting with a lot of land, covered with wooden coasters of my taste built by company's of my choosing, only for me ( and select others).

My question: I wonder why I've never heard of anything like this in real life, has there ever been someone who's done this?
I'm not talking ferris wheels or merry go rounds. I mean like a legit wooden coaster on private property. Think rich people, like a $20,000,000 coaster would be nothing rich..

I mean, powerball, like 300 million, that's what I would do! Well, that and a whole lot more!

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Re: I wonder why... has there ever been..?? by parkbookman parkbookman Profile at 12/29/16 12:59:18 PM
Below is a link to an article on Sewickley Heights, long one of Pittsburgh's wealthiest areas. The twentieth paragraph mentions that one of Pittsburgh's old steel barons had a roller coaster at his farm.

So who knows it could happen again. My thought is that someone who could afford to build their own private roller coaster probably just prefers to travel around and spend the money to buy out individual parks so they can experience different ones.

I also recall that Michael Jackson had a Dragon Coaster at his private amusement park.

Tribune Review Article

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