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Dorney Park Giga 2018

Justacoastergeek Justacoastergeek Profile

12/17/16 at
12:06:10 PM

So in a rumor hat I have been brought to various times is about a giga coming to dorney park. I have heard that this is likely because dorney park used to be one of cedar fairs crown jewels prior to he purchase of the paramount parks. I have heard that cedar fair is trying to put dorney ahead of kings dominion in the chain as KD is starting to make less money for the chain as it ages due To Busch gardens and, the middle of nowhere location of the park. Dorney park has also been gaining popularity dramatically over time and has been making he chain tons of money just like what happened to carowinds prior to the addition of fury, at carowinds guest numbers increased dramatically for 3 years prior to fury and the same thing is occurring at dorney park but, dorney park's visitors numbers are far greater than carowinds were which puts in my mind either giga,flyer, or wing for the park. I would say gci but, I think that is more likely to happen in later years than now.

Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by NotSo NotSo Profile at 12/17/16 7:58:23 PM
Any addition like Fury and Leviathon is a great one!
Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by KevinReid KevinReid Profile at 12/20/16 11:19:52 AM
Do you hace access to the individual park's financial statements to support your claims?
Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 12/20/16 8:12:19 PM
I've been trying to do some research on this for my own interest. I've been to Dorney 4 times and the best thing about Dorney is everything is always a walk on. A local news paper did report an increase in attendance and revenue in 2013. As far as future Coaster installations, that's all speculation. A lot of things go into making that decision besides attendance and revenue. Space available and local and state laws have a lot to do with. In fact, Dorney has problems in the past with complaints from local residents over Coaster noise. Until the park makes an official announcement we won't know when or what is going to be built.
Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by parkbookman parkbookman Profile at 12/21/16 11:37:16 AM
Here is a link to the 2015 CedarFair investor presentation. If you look at the pie charts on page 5 it does show that Dorney is only slightly behind Kings Dominion in revenue and earnings (and Carowinds too), which actually kind of surprises me. I had always considered KD to be a larger park. So that is an interesting point. However, when you look at CedarFair's past history of investment in Dorney (lots of used rides) and the zoning issues I personally have my doubts. I think a GCI would be a better fit, but CF could also see a giga as a way to jump start the dry side of the park.

Investor Presentation

Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 4/13/17 2:05:46 AM
As cool as a giga would be there, i just don't see it. That and the east coast does seem pretty well accounted for with canada's wonderland, kd, and carowinds. Perhaps a wingcoaster? Not very many of that type on the east coast, especially the northeast. Then they won't have to worry about any height limits.
Re: Dorney Park Giga 2018 by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 4/13/17 1:01:02 PM
There is absolutely no truth to this rumor.

Dorney Park is highly unlikely to get a Gigacoaster. The park resides in South Whitehall Township and has very complicated zoning. The park is permitted to have up to 11 rides that exceed 85 feet in height, but nothing can be higher than 540 feet above sea-level.

What that means is based on the topography of the park the eleven rides that exceed 85 feet in height can have a maximum height of between 160 to 230 feet depending on their placement on the property.

Knott's Berry Farm once was a candidate for a 300-foot tall roller coaster, but Cedar Fair has taken a different direction with that property, focusing instead on family attractions rather than big roller coasters.

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