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Knoebels TR Sunday Oct 23rd

Posted: 10/25/16 at 4:30:39 PM
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Well after our Dollywood trip, I thought we were done with trips for year. Then I found out Knoebels was offering wristbands with wooden coasters for only $20 a piece on Sundays in October. After doing the math, I realized we could visit Knoebels as a whole family for about $150. So our entire family left out Sunday morning and I mean the entire family; my wife, my kids, our 2 dogs, and I.

The last time my wife joined us at an amusement park was opening weekend at Knoebels in 2015. She doesn't like amusement parks, but does like Knoebels. Last time we were there, my wife regretted not taking our dogs. Being my wife doesn't ride, she could tend to the dogs and have enjoy the park without paying for admission. This was the first time we ever have taken our dogs on a long trip. We live 4 hours from Knoebels, and it took even longer with extra rest stops because of the dogs.

We arrived at the park at 11:40 for a noon opening. I bought wristbands for my kids and I and went to Flying Turns. There were only about 20 people waiting in line,so we decided to make it our first ride. They opened Flying Turns on time and waited about 5 minutes to board, with a 2 train operations. This was only my 3rd ever ride on it. Flying Turns is a very fun ride. Not only is it unique, those turns are extremely sharp and the train really climbs high on that wooden trackless structure. I really wish we would get to ride it more often, but the line stays very long, even on the most uncrowded days.

Next up, my favorite all time flat ride, Knoebels Flyer. It was windy and my kids and I have perfected our technique on snapping The Knoebels Flyer. They would slow me down mid cycle, because of how hard I had the cables snapping, but then speed it back up. It was so windy I was snapping even on slow speed. Last time we were there in the spring they politely asked me not ride anymore after 7 rides in row. On this trip, we rode it 3 times, but we would ride once and leave, then come back in a hour or so. They actually didn't say anything to me or the kids. I think this is how we are going to have to approach it from now on.

Next we went to Twister. We had to wait a few trains and the kids took front row and I sat in the second row. I wanted the photo of the kids in the front. We dedicated that ride to our good friend Mike, aka beastmaster, because it was Mike's favorite ride at Knoebels.

Next we headed to Impulse. It was only a few train wait. The park was crowded, but it seemed hardly anyone was riding. Lines were very short and most things were walk ons. Impulse is a steel coaster that fits in Knoebels perfectly and is very fun. This ended up being our only rides on Impulse and Twister.

Next we went to the carousel and my kids took the dogs on with them and sat in a chariot. My youngest son and I grabbed an outside horse. I grabbed every single ring, and my youngest son finally was able to grab the rings. He grabbed 2. Neither one of us got the brass ring, but knowing me, I would have probably missed it anyway. Next we grabbed a ride on the bumper cars while in the area.

Another ride that you can take your dogs on in the trains. We actually never have ridden any of the 2 trains at Knoebels. We decided to take the dogs on the Pioneer Train, because it had a Halloween theme to it. I also got some photos of Twister that I never have shot before. You literally go right underneath the entire structure. I'm really surprised it has taken me this long to finally ride it.

We walked around a lot and enjoyed the beautiful foliage and the Halloween decorations and displays. It was a beautiful day that we all enjoyed. Our dogs did exceptional in the car and at the park. They really enjoyed it, and I would definitely take the dogs again, if my wife goes with us.

We closed out our 2016 with a marathon on Phoenix. We got a total of 18 rides on Phoenix in various rows. I tried row 3 twice, but on this day the back seat was King. Phoenix was running phenomenal. The double down was insane with ejector air and the last 4 hops. Laterals in the turns, smooth as butter, and just a top 10 wooden coaster in North America. They actually let us have 3 rides at the end of the evening without leaving our seats, after the line closed at 5:00. Another reason why Knoebels is one of the best parks in North America. Their staff is incredible.

Well that's it. Another great year in the books. I'm so glad we chose to close it out at one of our favorite parks. Knoebels is a place that you remember your every visit, and you appreciate it more and more each time. If Knoebels offered season passes, we would be out there a lot more often. Maybe it is better that we only visit once or twice a year. In a way, it makes the whole experience more special.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Knoebels TR Sunday Oct 23rd by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 10/27/16 8:26:02 PM
What did you mean by just a top ten coaster in North America? It is number 2.
Re: Knoebels TR Sunday Oct 23rd by frontrow frontrow Profile at 10/27/16 10:57:50 PM
chitlins73 said:

What did you mean by just a top ten coaster in North America? It is number 2.

After our rides on Sunday, I have to reevaluate my top 10. The only thing is, that our rides were a little inconsistent. One ride would be top 5 material and the next wouldn't be so glamorous. Wooden coasters are very temperamental, but The Phoenix was temperamental ride to ride on Sunday.