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It's Been Fun...To Say the Least

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

10/15/16 at
10:02:01 PM

I joined URC back in 2004-05 or so as a way to find more information about a relatively new thing in my life, my burgeoning interest in roller coasters and amusement parks. It was in the mid-late 80's that I began to get into amusement parks seriously, and for the next decade, I endeavored through books and other sources to explore what was out there. My amusement park universe to that point consisted of GrAdv, Dorney, The Jersey shore parks at Seaside and Wildwood...and a handful of others.

Around that previously mentioned '04-05 time frame, I discovered URC after my brother gave me my first computer. As as a pure newbie I had no idea wtf I was doing. I've never been much for the statistical or business part of the industry. When somebody asks me a question like, "Why do you like _____ over ____" or "why do you hate ___ so much,"my answers revolve around feels and vibes. I enjoy riding roller's that simple. As I navigated my way through the early phases of my URC tenure, certain folks helped me out...people like JerseyJoe, Chillforce, MABrider and MommaBeast first come to mind.

I have made so many friends through this site it amazes me to think back....I'll name some, but the list will be cut short due to other circumstances to be revealed..keep reading. First, a very special friend who never posted on URC, whom I met with an assist from MABRider. Many others,some of which I have become Facebook friends and/or real life friends with, others I simply know from interactions with them here. Others I'really gotten to know well and have become major pieces in my life.

Judy_P_In_Pgh, Jennifer Quinlan, Dion, Ken Galante and his fantastic kids, snoozypooh, antikythera, BigShotRoz, cellocoasterdude, drachen, DarkwingDuck, Great Ump,....I'll finish this tomorrow....thanks for reading.

The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: It's Been Fun...To Say the Least by Judy_P_in_Pgh Judy_P_in_Pgh Profile at 1/5/17 9:51:37 PM
Ah, sweet beastmaster ... there is no response to this post and that is UNHEARD OF! I guess I'm replying just so you don't think you finally got the last word in on me. I miss you terribly, my dear friend!
Re: It's Been Fun...To Say the Least by MABrider MABrider Profile at 1/13/17 10:38:29 AM

Folks just waited until Mike finished his posts and responded then.
Perhaps you saw the following, but just in case you somehow missed them...

Mike's part two, his final goodbye:

And then, the final word:

Mike B.
Re: It's Been Fun...To Say the Least by Judy_P_in_Pgh Judy_P_in_Pgh Profile at 1/15/17 8:21:31 AM
Another of Mike's coaster friends and I managed to visit him two months before he passed. His quick wit and sense of humor were still intact and we had a delightful afternoon together, complete with a bucket of his beloved KFC chicken for lunch. On the long drive home, I decided that I had to find some way to let him know just how many lives he had impacted. The end result was a Shutterfly book entitled "It's What I Do!", which I managed to get into his hands 2 weeks before he died. The first half of the book told of the beginnings of our friendship followed by many of the adventures we shared. For the second half of the book, I contacted as many of his friends as I could and asked them to submit photos, stories and messages to Mike. I have never worked with a deadline quite as stressful as this one, but I pulled it off in time for Mike to enjoy the book. I do believe it had the impact on him that I had intended. It was extremely therapeutic for me to do this, plus, his family has learned a bit more about the man we all know as beastmaster. I miss my dear friend, Mike, but I am so thankful to URC for opening up those doors of friendship for me! Judy P.
Re: It's Been Fun...To Say the Least by RobLec RobLec Profile at 1/15/17 7:49:51 PM
That was such a sweet gesture and was a lot of work on your part. Certainly he must have been deeply touched, and he knew just how much we would miss him, all of us, and especially you.