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Park names getting too long

Raptor Timmy

4/6/00 at
7:49:07 PM

Paramount's Kings Island, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, I could go on and on.I don't know about you but most people I know refer to PKI as just "Kings Island". I don't usually here "I am going to paramount's Kings Island today". They usually don't say Paramount. Now CF maybe doing the same thing Knott's Cedar Point. Come on, Cedar Point has been known as "Cedar Point" for 130 years. It does not need a name change. To mst people Cedar Point is Cedar Fair. Its the original park, most of the bigwigs came from CP etc. And I think at least in the midwest CP is just as well known as Knott's. It seems that Cedar Fair is becoming just like the rest of the chains in draining the originality and individual aspecs of their parks. Th

No longer SFFT!! by Superman Krypton Ryan at 4/6/00 8:47:43 PM

It is now Just FIESTA TEXAS! Thats right, the name has been changed. All of the stuff says "Fiesta Texas(a six flags Theme Park)" The park is now Fiesta Texas back to the good Ole Days!!!!!! This took place as of the 2000 season opening. It is good to see SF not making this like other SF park in the bad ways, but only in good. The park looks better than it ever HAS!

Superman Krypton Ryan

You have to be kidding? by Michael at 4/6/00 10:06:06 PM

> Now CF maybe doing the same thing Knott's Cedar Point.

CP is an institution around these parts. They would be crazy to add the Knott's name to it. I say it's a no-go. (But I wouldn't mind having a Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant in the park).