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Posted: 9/19/16 at 11:03:50 AM
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I am formerly an avid reader of this site. I don't even remember ever having this assigned user name but it fits me now. HeeHee! I formerly posted as Dale Caskey and later as Thrillbilly.

My son Chris is now living in NE Washington and I am visiting him. This provided me and him opportunity to visit a park I had always wanted to see, Silverwood.

Attended on Sept. 18, 2016. Like the tunnel entry under HWY 95. Almost empty entry plaza upon arrival. Beautiful, well built buildings within this park. Beautiful foliage everywhere, especially the Mountain Ash tree's with the red clusters of berries.

First ride was on Tremors. Surprised at the degree of the first drop. Ride was intense, but smooth for a wooden twister. Loved the four tunnels. Some good airtime. Love seeing this coaster come through the exit gift shop after the first drop.

Next rode the former Grizzly, now know as Timber Terror. Great out and back woodie with spectacular air time on the outward leg and good air time on the return leg. Spectacular ride!

Didn't ride Corkscrew as I no longer do Arrows. Didn't do Aftershock as I black out on boomerangs. The were both beautiful though with some great history.

Train ride was great! Reminded me of how Dollywood in the Silver Dollar City/Goldrush Junction days used to opporate their train with a comedic robbery. It was great! Chris and I laughed so hard. The money they rob/collect from passengers goes to a local children's charity. The ride also includes a herd of bison, Sasquatch sitings, a fairy forest and a Coeur D'Alene First Nation Village.

Magic show was fun. Saw it twice. It's the only show in the park and it was packed both times.


Loved the theater playing "Laurel and Hardy/Three Stooges shorts.

Staff was mostly great and conversational with the exception of a crotchety older lady in period dress in the entry gift shop.

Only food purchased was a pretzel and kettle corn, both good.

Walked into a beautiful restaurant with wooden floors, working fire place I thing was called Luigi's. It look quite elegant for a theme park.

Small park which I feel could be unpleasant with larger crowds during peek season due to wait times for rides and food.

I feels this park would benefit greatly from the addition of more shows, especially musical shows to fit the theme. This park is themed on western elegance and not the rough and tumble of a cow town or out law town.

Disappointed that there was no can can or saloon show.

Overall park was magnificent! May be the best wooden coaster combo of anywhere. Beautifully landscaped. Enthusiastic staff. Clean. Solid, well made structures. We immensely enjoyed our 6 hours at Silverwod!

Re: Silverwood by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 9/19/16 2:48:09 PM
Welcome back Thrillbilly (that's the name I remember). Great TR. Love that we have a new "favorite" button at the bottom of the posts- so you're officially my first favorite post. :)
Re: Silverwood by frontrow frontrow Profile at 9/19/16 3:59:04 PM
Great TR. Silverwood is very high on bucket list. Every report I read is very positive. I live in PA, so it's quite a hike out to Idaho for me. I will eventually get there, it just may be many years from now. Thanks for sharing.
Re: Silverwood by rocketmover at 9/30/16 12:33:58 PM
I was there for the first (and only) time about 6-7 years ago. I Concur with everything in the report. I have always thought that Timber Terror (f/k/a Grizzly) was built from blueprints for a Schmeck PTC coaster built in 1927 in Shamokin, PA (my hometown). Somewhere I have a reduced-size copy of the Schmeck "Wildcat" blueprints built in Edgewood Park, Shamokin, Pa. It only lasted a few years, closed during the depression, I think and I have never found a photo of it.

The blueprints, however, look suspiciously like the Silverwood ride. Charlie Dinn was known to "scrounge" the PTC archives before they were "organized," so certainly not out of the question. It looks and acts "Schmeckish" My other impression of Silverwood was the incredibly slow loading, leading to very long lines. Certainly not "Phoenix" loading speed!! I was there in August and this did cause a pretty serious long wait!

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Re: Silverwood by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/7/16 11:01:00 AM
Favorite has been around and is a bookmark list. When you click it it will add the thread to your favorite topic (thread) page, accessible from the forum index page. The button is in the forum menu near "search" "options" and "preferences".

I haven't worked on the Like vote yet.

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